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Schroff complete system MicroTCA (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture)



MicroTCA.0 R1.0 is a modular standard that utilises AdvancedMC modules. These are plugged directly onto the backplane. In addition to standard systems, modifications and customised solutions, SCHROFF also offers all components for building systems. The central unit of a MicroTCA system is the MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH), which performs the carrier and often also shelf management. It also acts as the data switch in the system. Carrier and shelf management include, among other things,
temperature, voltage and air monitoring. Remote monitoring can be set up via an external Ethernet connection. This allows early detection and remedying of temperature problems. Downtimes are thus reduced.

Reduced development costs and shorter time-to-market are the advantages of the MicroTCA standard compared to proprietary system solutions, as they can be found increasingly often in telecommunications today. Among others the advantages over
the previous bus systems (VME, CompactPCI busses) are the higher speed, smaller designs and larger flexibility. MicroTCA is used in areas where faster data transfer rates are required and large data volumes must be processed in the shortest time, e.g. in telecommunications, automation, image processing, medical systems, defence systems etc.

Heat Dissipation
MicroTCA defines very high heat dissipation for the AdvancedMC modules. The maximum heat dissipation for the largest module (double full-size) is determined as 80 W. Cooling is thus a challenge. MicroTCA systems from SCHROFF can reliably dissipate this volume of thermal power loss. Special fans have been purpose-developed and create a particularly high static pressure. In addition, thermal simulations and measurements are performed on SCHROFF MicroTCA systems to optimise the airflow.

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