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Front panel treatment

Front panel mechanical processing, painting and printing Front panel mechanical processing, painting and printing
Standardized and individual cutouts for front panels Standardized and individual cutouts for front panels

We can customize your front panels in various ways to suit your needs, such as mechanical processing, painting, engraving, anodizing, and printing (including sub-anodic printing).

For more sophisticated design preferences, we can apply image, graphic, and text information to the front panel we have already preprocessed using digital printing - another step towards personalizing your products.

With our online configurator, you can customize your front panel according to your preferences.

UV Digital Printing

With UV digital printing from nVent SCHROFF, the possibilities for design options for front panels and other components are significantly expanded. At the same time, a positive contribution is made to the environment.

UV Digital Printing on Metal

Printed with various font sizes, line thicknesses, and symbols to demonstrate the vibrant, opaque colors alongside the high resolution of the new printing technology.

UV Digital Printing on Fine Structure Paint

Printing like FPL 1; the difference from FPL 1 is that this front panel was previously painted with RAL 9016 (Traffic White) fine structure paint to demonstrate how a different background can influence the appearance of the print.

UV Digital Printing on Underprint

This front panel is fully underprinted in white with a very colorful design to demonstrate the vibrant colors and printable white. Compared to FPL 2, here you can see the difference between printable white and a painted RAL white shade.

A Sample Speaks Louder than a Thousand Words.

We want to convince you! That's why we offer you the above-described UV digital printed Sront panels as samples (FPL 1, FPL 2, FPL 3) to demonstrate the possibilities and different effects: 3U 10HP aluminum front panels, anodized front, conductive back.

The advantages at a glance

  • Vibrant, opaque colors create an impressive, high-resolution print image and allow for full-surface printing of components.
  • With an optional white underprint, the colors appear even more vibrant, and the influence of the printing material (e.g., aluminum front panel) is minimized.
  • In addition to metallic surfaces, plastics, painted, and powder-coated surfaces can now be digitally printed.
  • The heat treatment of printed products is no longer necessary, as the curing of the printing inks is achieved through UV light, making the entire process more environmentally friendly.
  • Greenguard Gold (UL 2818) certified inks meet strict standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ensure that printed products can be used in sensitive environments (e.g., medical facilities) without compromising indoor air quality.

Validation Process

To ensure that the new printing technology meets nVent SCHROFF's industry-specific and quality requirements, it underwent rigorous testing. Among others, the following tests were conducted with positive results:

  • Adhesion of the printing ink.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress (scratches, machining, and press-fitting processes).
  • Chemical resistance (sweat, hand creams, various solvents).
  • Resistance to specific environmental conditions (salt spray and climate testing).

Our Service for You

During the order processing, we select the most suitable printing technology for you, taking into account individual customer requirements as well as technical and economic aspects.

We aim to convince you! Therefore, we offer printed front panel samples to demonstrate the possibilities and different effects: 3U 10HP aluminum front panels with anodized front and conductive back, UV digitally printed using the above-mentioned methods.

Feel free to contact us: +49 30 700 11 54 - 0.

Gordon Macholz Gordon Macholz

in stock


lead time > 7 days

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